Een nieuw merk headphones met instant street cred. As worn by Lady Gaga and Snoop.

– Site, leaflet, packaging.




Lock in the beauty of music, and shut out anything that comes between you and your favorite tracks. You want to feel the music in full. Pick up every note, every nuance.

All of it.

So that’s what we’re bringing you.

Reflects your style, respects your music

We roam the streets.
Feet to the beat. Uptown, downtown, collar up, shades on. We are out to listen. To the music that rocks, pumps, thumps, swings and soothes. To all the voices that surround us.

We are out there. We listen.

And from all that inspiration we created these headphones that inspire you right back.


Designed for the spec-savvy and the street-smart, the in-ears pack as much power as they do style. Work out, chill out, or just get out. The music comes to you full impact, full depth.

Hook your soul up to your player or smartphone and let the music in.

Retro models in bold colors So you’re into music then? Cool, because I was born to do this.

No matter how wildly you nod your head, no matter how fluid your moves, I can follow. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. I will bring your playlist and fill your world with music in quality sound. Without compromises, without distortions. And no cutting corners.

Just music, all of it, all the time.

A bold statement? What else did you expect?